FAQ's for GapMash App

GapMash is a social connector platform that enables students to manage their class schedules with their social aspirations, connect with friends and attend new and exciting real time events that are happening in their community each day. GapMash is free for students!

GapMash uses your university to connect you to societies on your campus. We also ask you about your interests so we can get to know you better and recommend events, activities and societies you might like to get involved in.

You can also search for societies that you might like to network with. The benefit of GapMash is that once you sign up, you’re instantly exposed to more people and societies that you might not have been before!

At GapMash, we saw that uni can be tough throughout the year. Unless you know someone or are exposed to societies by seeking them out or by attending O-Week, you don’t know about them! Think of all the great opportunities that you might be missing out on…

Currently, the University of Sydney (USYD), University of New South Wales (UNSW) and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) are signed up to GapMash. This means that if you are a student at these universities, you can sign up and use GapMash for free right away.

If you don’t go to any of these universities, you can still sign up for free and use the platform to GapMash with friends and see event open to any anyone.

You can get in touch with us via email if you would like to get your university on board.

GapMash can connect all your interests, society memberships, friends and class schedules into one, easy to use app on your phone. Catch up with events happening in and around your uni campus by scrolling through the GapMash newsfeed based and make new friends!

We use your university campus and we encourage you to select some topics you are interested in so that we can make sure we tell you about events that are useful for you. You can select topics that interest you during the registration process – which is super easy!

GapMash takes your privacy very seriously. For any information you provide us, we use SSL to encrypt all data sent to and from the server GapMash uses to protect your information from hackers. 

You can control what information you provide us with – however, GapMash can provide a better, more personalised experience the more information provided.

Our team are always here to support or provide any information about your privacy. Our commitment to privacy is can be found in our Privacy Policy.

No one can see your timetable or class details. GapMash only shows others the ‘gaps’ in your timetable that you are free so you and your friends can easily organise a time to meet up.

Your schedule information is completely private.

We call it a GapMash! Which can be found in your timetable menu.

You can invite a friend to GapMash or find friends using our simple tools or by following the tutorial when you sign up. Once your friend has joined, tap on the GapMash button, add them to the GapMash you are creating and it will mash your timetables together so you can find the ‘gaps’ and invite each other to meet up. So easy!

Tap the ‘Friends’ section at the bottom of the screen in the app. 

GapMash creates a unique QR Code for you and each of your friends – so you can simply scan your friends screen if you’re with them to add them in the app.

You can scan your friends QR code or allow GapMash to find your friends and connect also using the app to upload your phone contacts.

GapMash uses your email as the unique identifier for your account. If you created your GapMash account with Facebook or Apple ID, click on continue with Facebook or continue with Apple ID to sign into GapMash.

If you change your Facebook email, it will create a new account. To switch back to your old account please contact us at or through the comment and feedback link and we will help you out.

You can also discover new events and make new friends by seeing what local clubs and societies are up to. You can add them to your timetable or save them for later, and also see which of your new friends are free to attend an event with you – send them an invite on GapMash!

Head to Settings in the menu on the left hand side when you open the app. You can select which notifications you would like to receive from us – new events, invitations, friend requests, event reminders etc.

You can change your notification preferences at any time, and you can select which notifications you would like to receive when you sign up to the app.

You can make changes to your account when you edit your profile.

In the app, go to Menu and into ‘My details’.  Scroll down and click  ‘delete account’.

You can also change your account and personal details here too.

Contact us at or  through the comment and feedback link to ask a question!

FAQ's for GapMash Societies

There are tonnes of ways GapMash can help your society get more involved. Some ways we can help:

  • Showcase your society on our socials and website – we can profile your society as ‘society of the month’, landing your society on our Instagram and website for a month! We would also link your social accounts so you can grow your following, and feature some of your upcoming events.
  • Engaging and accurate events – we have put together a guide on how to create an engaging and accurate event on GapMash. Click here to see the guide.
  • Promotion of your events on our socials – have an upcoming event you want to promote? Tell us! We can post on our socials to help you with exposure.
  • Society and event feature in our newsletter emails – we can feature your society and upcoming event to our database!


You can advertise that you are on GapMash – and you can simply share some of our content on Instagram to your societies social pages. We can also promote your society on our social channels – just get in touch and we can work through a promotion plan with you.

Promoting and encouraging your membership to use GapMash will help reach them much more easily and direct. Get in touch with your GapMash Relationship Manager to access some of our free content to help promote your Society on GapMash!

You can also GapMash with your exec members to find a time to meet up via the timetable – with your team members instantly being notified of when you propose to catch up rather than using multiple channels to communicate.

You can also use GapMash’s chat function in the app to chat with your executive members.

GapMash also facilitates an SMS function for your membership for RSVP confirmation or more urgent communications – fees apply. Should you need support with this, please get in touch with our team.

GapMash can also instantly keep your membership on GapMash up to date with push notifications, so they never miss out on what’s going on.


In this new normal, we know that restrictions on meeting in person can change quickly. GapMash can still facilitate meeting with your members and guests online.

When posting an event, or if you need to amend the event, you can select the ‘online event’ function – just make sure you include your meeting link in the description.

If you need any technical help, our team can help – just get in touch with us at


Contact us at or  through the comment and feedback link to ask a question!

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Contact us at or 
through the comment and feedback link to ask a question!